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For the Love of Photography

This past weekend, I made an exciting purchase – a real camera! I have an old digital camera that my parents got me, but the quality of the photos is definitely better on my iPhone.  I have been using my iPhone to take all my pictures (which I will probably still use because of the convenience) but lately I had been torn about the quality of my photos on here. Generally, I am pretty pleased with what my phone camera can do; but as of recently, I became more aware of the imperfections in the camera. I have been considering getting a new camera for a while, but the cost was what was holding me back. Now that I am working more this summer, I was ready to make the investment. Last week, while working on blog posts, I started browsing for cameras online. I found one I really liked and read soo many reviews and consulted so many of my friends. I talked with one of my coworkers about photography (because I knew he shot photos as a hobby) and he gave me a recommendation for Midwest Photo Exchange. Chase & I visited the local shop on Saturday. Initially, I was looking for the one I had been reading reviews on all week, but it was out of stock on Saturday. One of the sales reps ended up showing me two other good choices, and I ended up picking the Nikon Coolpix S9900. It is a point-and-shoot camera with enough “extras” to get me back to playing with a camera. Eventually, I want to have a DSLR camera, but they are out of my budget right now and I would rather have something more simple to start with. These sunflowers were some of the first photos I took, along with the pictures in my last post.

June 2015 018

Photography isn’t something that I have recently fallen into with blogging; I actually was really interested in photography in high school. Sophomore year, I took Photo I because it was my goal to have an art class every semester and that worked with my schedule. My class was a small one, even for my high school of less than 400 students, there were seven students total. It was such an awesome class. Not only did I enjoy learning about photography and learning to shoot and develop my own film in a darkroom, but the company was pretty great too. Since then, we have all fallen out of touch, but the memories are still some of my fondest from high school. Like one time we fit all seven of us into the dark room with three light projectors – the room was probably not much bigger than a normal supply closet. That class felt like the five in The Breakfast Club – we were all so different, but are differences ended up bringing us together. It wasn’t always happy & sunshine with the seven of us (as with the movie), but because of that I did a lot of growing that year of school. We would have Photo I  reunions sometimes that were always….eventful haha (that’s a story for another day). Some of us ended up taking more art classes together and I went on to take Photo II. I’ve debated on writing a story about our times together because they were truly special to me and I want to remember them.

June 2015 019So, basically, photography isn’t really a new thing for me. It’s an old thing that is prying itself back into my life. Instagram has also been something that has got me back into photography. I definitely am additcted to it because I just get so inspired by the creative things I find hopping around. Recently, I was looking back at the scrapbook I made for my senior year and I had all of my grad party guests sign the end of the book. My Spanish teacher, who is still one of the most influential teachers of my life ( I took five years of Spanish in high school and now I don’t really use it), wrote “Don’t stop taking pictures”. I would always show her my photography because her husband was a photographer and she would always give me great feedback. And reading that, it made me want to dive into it taking photos again. I enjoy taking photos for my blog and soon I will be working on my city planning portfolio this next year, so it was a great time for me to make the purchase. I am excited to share with everyone the new pictures I create on this blog.

June 2015 020Also, what a happy day this particular Friday is! The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, meaning same-sex marriages will now be legal! What a great thing to experience within my lifetime. Love wins!


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