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Foodie Friday #1

Recently, I had a new idea for a blog series called “Foodie Friday”! I guess you could say I am a “foodie” because I think that really just means you like food and you take pictures of your food. I always end up with so many photos on my iPhone, it’s actually ridiculous because I have a hard time departing with photos because what if I need that photo sometime in the future and can’t re-create it. Anyway…some of these are more recent and others are from about a month ago.

1. Baja Tacos & Iced Coconut Chai from Acre

Acre is a farm-to-table restaurant located just on the outskirts of Ohio State’s campus on High Street.  It has a small menu filled with some interesting flare. I visited during finals week with a couple friends and we wanted to try something new. The price was fair for the tacos and they were very satisfying. I love Shagbark chips (an Ohio-made product!) and they made a great addition to my meal. The iced coconut chai was probably the best chai I have ever had – I am not even that big of a “chai person”, but this was wonderfully refreshing!



2. Ham & Cheese Croissant and Macarons from Pistacia Vera

Pistacia Vera is one of my favorite places to visit in German Village. This was mine and Desiree’s (my roomie from last year) place to go on little brunch outings. The menu has some pricier options,but I usually stick with the croissant because it’s reasonably priced and filling. They have some of the best macarons in Columbus! I always end up getting vanilla bean and mocha hazelnut. They have a cute little patio that birds fly around to hopefully pick up some leftover scraps.

PistaciaVera_Croissant PistaciaVera_macrons3. Baked Mac N’ Cheese from The Old Mohawk

Mohawk is also in German Village! Chase introduced me to this restaurant after he had been going for years with his mom. The Mohawk kind of has a design feel of a cooler and more original Max & Erma’s. If you go during dinner, there will probably be a wait because it’s that good. My usual is the baked mac n’ cheese. I love cheese and mac n’ cheese is one of my favorites, this dish is covered in gooey & melty cheese. I usually end up sharing with Chase or taking some home because the portion is so large.


4. Cinnamon-Challah French Toast at Zoe Cafe 

Zoe Cafe is a recent addition to Bexley. Chase & I had been wanting to try this place since he first picked up a menu around the time they opened (he’s from Bexley). We went for lunch one afternoon and I decided to have breakfast because their french toast sounded delicious (& it was!). The environment of Zoe is similar to Northstar Cafe, and their menu has a similar style, but they definitely offer more options. Zoe has a nice patio in the front and the inside is beautifully designed. I think it makes a great addition to the Bexley neighborhood! I’m already looking forward to going back!


 I am excited to kick-off this series and hope that my readers enjoy hearing about my foodie adventures!


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