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Columbus Arts Festival

Last Friday night, Chase & I took the bus downtown to the Columbus Arts Festival. I was still dog-sitting in German Village, so I thought it would be a great night to try the free bus service that COTA offers, “Catch the Cbus”. There are no stops near my part of town, but there was a stop reasonably close to where I was staying in German Village. The bus ride ended up being very short, which surprised us both because we didn’t realize we were that close to the festival! It made our trip stress-free, not having to worry about parking.



The Arts Festival ended up being a lot bigger than I expected! It had taken over the riverfront at the Scioto Mile, Bicentennial Park, and the surrounding streets. Luckily, it had cooled down in the evening, which made for a very nice night. I ended up getting my first drink at a festival – a frozen mango cocktail! The booths range from pottery, jewelry, prints, clothes, anything and everything that you could consider art! A couple of my favorites were Erin Curry Art and Skull Garden. We talked with both artists and they both seemed pretty cool. If I end up getting a sugar skull tattoo later on, I might consider seeing if they would commission the design.

cbusarts5 cbusarts3




cbusarts7I think Columbus has a very hopping art scene that a lot of people do not realize or give credit to. I went on a rant to Chase about how it makes me angry that in the “Creative Class” movement in planning, which was founded by Richard Florida, Columbus is not mentioned.  The three main principles that bring in the creative class are talent, tolerance, and technology. One of my first planning classes was Arts & Entertainment Planning class, and I fell in love with planning because of this class. I’ve always been interested in art (I was raised by an Art Teacher -I’ve been an artist since I could hold a crayon!) and learning about a world I never considered “planned” was fascinating. We studied Florida’s book The Rise of the Creative Class, which was great in so many ways, but give my city some credit! I remember reading a section that listed the cities that were considered under the creative class principles and not finding Columbus, or I believe any Ohio cities on the list, and I began to write a furious-filled discussion post. The class was online and we were required to write a few discussion posts each week on readings and the lecture. I felt like I needed to personally give him a tour of Columbus because if he wanted to see where art is growing, people are going, and things are happening – Columbus is a great place!

Sorry for my mini-rant, but it’s true and this is something I am passionate about! Besides of all this planning craziness that I am speaking of, I was very pleased with our time at the festival. I’m excited for all of the festivals that will happen this summer!


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