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614 Day

For those of you who do not know, the area code in Columbus is 614, which made Sunday 614 day! Get it? June 16th…6-14! Chase & I celebrated by biking around Columbus. It was the second time I got to take my new bike out for a spin!We visited the Arts Festival and got some iced tea at Roosevelt Coffeehouse. I had a lavender chamomile tea and Chase got a green tea. The Roosevelt Coffeehouse is a somewhat new addition to Downtown Columbus. ย Their sales benefit human trafficking survivor resources and the fight for hunger and clean water – these are the organizations they serve. ย I would recommend checking it out because their space is awesome and they are doing some great things to make a change. I’ll definitely be back for some coffee!







We ended up biking close to 10 miles and since it was about 90 degrees with over 50% humidity we were exhausted by the end. Also, we both forgot to wear sunscreen and ended up pretty burnt! Besides the sunburn being itchy this week, at least I got a good start on summer tan, right? I had a nice time biking and trying a new place in Columbus for 614 day!

Columbus folks, did you celebrate 614 day?


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