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Life Lately: June

Hey everyone! I apologize for my sporadic posting lately. This post is going to be kind of long to explain myself.

I have felt a little weird about my blog lately. I’m not sure exactly why or how it happened, but it’s some sort of funk. It’s not that I am not doing cool things to share or that I am too busy. I’m having a hard time getting into a routine this summer. Most of the time, I write my posts in in the evening after I return from my second job or in the morning before my first job. Lately, I have either been doing other things late at night, like crafting, cleaning, hanging out with my friends, or binge watching HGTV…and by the time I am done with one or more of those, I am tired and then I end up sleeping in the morning. It’s not that I don’t like blogging anymore or I plan on giving it up, I’m just having a hard time getting into a rhythm this summer. I’m dog sitting this week, so I’m spending most of the time with the dogs and making pit-stops at my house throughout the week, which makes things crazier…no hopes of a routine this week either!


I am going to try to get myself more organized because I want to have a good posting flow on here. I read a lot of blogs. I check probably between ten to fifteen a day and I get frustrated with people not posting regularly…yeah…what a hypocritical thing to do. It can be kind of exhausting keeping up with it, but I usually feel really happy when I have a good week full of posts. It’s something that makes me feel proud and accomplished. I don’t get paid to blog and neither do some of the other bloggers of blogs I read every day, so it’s not a priority all the time. I don’t even know if I would want to get paid to blog because I didn’t start this for money and it’s not my goal in my career to be a full-time blogger, but I do want to still use my blog creatively throughout my career.


Now on to that “career part”. I haven’t been blogging about city planning either. I am out of school for the summer, so I’m not involved as much as I am throughout the school year. I still am sure planning is right for me. I loved going to Seattle, but ever since my trip, I have been a little drained. I went to one super awesome session (that I eventual might throw a post together  over the notes I took) but the rest weren’t great (we didn’t go to that many either because we were exploring so much, which I am thankful for). At the conference I attended, it was hard to “sell myself” to people when we were at networking events. Part of the problem was we were always in groups and it’s harder to sell yourself when you’re surrounded by people doing the same thing. And the other part was it got exhausting selling myself to people. I was happy to tell people about Chip-In, but that was exhausting by itself because we had worked so hard leading up to it — it was kind of tunnel vision the past few weeks leading up to Seattle because it was all we talked about. I think the drained feeling about planning also translated to my blogging.

I have always wanted to be honest on this blog and I hope that my readers will understand. I am going to start posting more regularly again because I really do enjoy this and it will definitely cure my lack-of-routine if I am more serious about posting. I thought I would make up for my sporadic posts by sharing some stuff that’s been going in my life lately. The two pictures above are from a bike ride Chase and I took on the Alum Creek bike path a couple weekends ago. We biked about ten miles that day. The first picture below is one Chase snapped of me riding.

alumcreek Speaking of bikes, I got a new one for my birthday! I have only taken it out once, but I plan to use it much more this summer and will have a better introduction for it on the blog later on when I think of a good name & get more pictures. Chase and I biked around my neighborhood and ended up going to OSU’s number garden (or “Garden of Constants” according to their website). I ended up taking a lot of pictures that day, but decided not to share them on here.



I have at least one more post lined up for this week. I actually have a pretty full weekend planned, so you can expect to read about that next week! I hope everyone has a great Wednesday 🙂


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