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21st Birthday

Last Friday was my twenty-first birthday! I thought I would post a couple pictures from my weekend to share what I did for my birthday.

I began the celebrations with Chase over breakfast at Katalina’s on Friday morning (I actually wrote a post about this great place last summer). I got pancake balls with bacon and the Sunday breakfast tea, all pictured in the first photo. The second photo was taken in their parking lot because I wanted a picture of my new dress & newly dyed hair! My boss at the hair salon gave me an indigo color conditioner that I have been dying to try, but wanted to use it after I got my drivers license changed. So, I stayed up late Thursday night dying my hair and that was the result! I am loving the new color. I have wanted to go purple for a while.



I happen to share my birthday with my adorable fur-babies! When I got them, the vet estimated they were born around Memorial Day and since my birthday falls around then I decided we could all share a birthday! They turned three on Friday. We have a tradition to take birthday pictures together…as you can see, they are not into it like I am. The last photo is from the evening of my 21st! I celebrated with a bunch of my girlfriends at The Chocolate Cafe. We had dinner, desserts, and drinks! I invited some of my classmates in the city planning program and some of the gals I went to high school with, so it was fun to have everyone together. I wish I would have taken more pictures from that night and Saturday night! But the last photo is of me and my first legal drink – a wedding cake martini! It was pretty delicious.



I celebrated on Saturday with some friends by attending the Grandview Hop & then I met my parents at a local bar. And Sunday, Chase & I took it easy with movies and a bike ride. The bike ride was kind of exciting because I got a new bike for my birthday and it was the first ride I took! Definitely more to come on that soon.

I love celebrating birthdays! I really enjoyed getting to spend a lot of time with my friends, which made this birthday pretty special!


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