Monthly Recap

May 2015 Recap

Happy June! I had a pretty great month of May! May is always one of my favorite months because of the weather turning & my birthday.

Favorite Blog Posts: I only had two outfit posts in May and I liked both of them, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be What I Wore — Stripes in Schiller Park. I really like how all of the photos came out and I love shooting in this park. Throughout the last month I have recapped a lot of my Seattle trip, and if I had to pick a favorite out of that bunch it would be Exploring Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill was my favorite place in Seattle, so naturally it would be my favorite post.  Another blog post worth mentioning from May is my First Blogiversary! This was a fun shoot and I am happy that I can now look forward to each May because of my blog’s anniversary.

schillerstripe1 1blog4


Favorite Instagram Posts:

IMG_1624 IMG_1760

IMG_1956 IMG_2025

Favorite Moments from May: bike adventures,  Clippers Game, birthday celebrations, spending time with friends


Exciting Things Happening in June: a bunch of Columbus festivals, Florida vacation

What were your favorite moments of May? I hope everyone has a great June!


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