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Hocking Hills Snapshots

As I mentioned earlier this week, Chase & I visited Hocking Hills on Sunday. Hocking Hills is about an hour away from Columbus. We had been wanting to visit for a while – to take a break from city life & reward ourselves for the school year ending. We just so happened to visit Hocking Hills on a day when many otherΒ people planned to go, so the main entrance was pretty crowded. We ended up taking a bit of a detour/got lost to get away from all the crowds, which ended up working out because we had a much quieter hike than we would have if we stayed on the main trail.









It was a nice day for a hike! The trees kept us feeling pretty cool since it was pretty warm over the weekend. We ended up hiking about six miles and we felt a little sore by the end of it! I’d love to stay at a cabin in Hocking Hills for a weekend at some point in the future toΒ have a weekend in the wilderness.Β My Ohio tank from Traxler Tees was perfect for the day in the woods. It’ll probably be featured in a style post sometime soon. I got it at Moonlight Market in April for only $5.00!

Have you taken a trip to Hocking Hills?


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