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First Blogiversary

Saturday, May 16th, marked one year since I started this blog! WOOHOO! It’s been such a wonderful experience so far. It is crazy that I have posted one hundred-sixty blog posts since I started, I know that’s not that high, but it’s definitely something to be proud of! I am really glad that I started this little piece of the internet because it’s something I can look forward to growing over the years and it keeps track of my life in a somewhat unique way.

I had plans to celebrate my blogiversary on the actual date, but life has been especially crazy lately. From recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery to having some unexpected & sorrowful events occur. It felt weird to celebrate when sad things were happening in my circle & my community, and I still feel some pain today. I wanted to recognize these events and deal with them, but I also needed to feel normal because things have to keep going.

I had wanted to buy some balloons for my blogiversary because I thought it would be fun to take pictures with them & ride around my community. And Chase & I did just that!






The ride and balloons even felt like a way to heal from the crazy week. It was fun to see people’s reactions to these two twenty-year-olds riding around with three balloons. It also felt celebratory for me, but other people as well – to honor those hurting.

I’m excited to see where my blog goes this next year. I might try to plan out some resolutions for year two of blogging, but I haven’t given it that much thought yet. Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog over the last year! It means a lot that I have people reading, liking, & commenting on my posts. I’ve definitely learned that I shouldn’t be too concerned by how many followers & likes I have because it really just comes down to if I enjoy what I’m writing about; but having support is also a great feeling. So thank you for believing in The Vintage Urbanite & I look forward to seeing where year two takes me! 🙂


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