Columbia Tower Sights

Did you know that you get a  better view of the city from Columbia Tower than the Space Needle? It has 76 floors and is 287 meters high, which makes it the tallest in the city and in the State of Washington. The Space Needle is only 184 meters high. Two of my did both and they said that Columbia Tower was definitely the better deal since it is higher up and costs less (only $9 to go to the observatory!). The Sky View Observatory is on floor 73 and we visited our last evening when the skyline was looking a bit foggy.











Can you see what I am looking at in the last photo? The Space Needle – look how tiny it is! Even though we didn’t go on the best day (because of the fog), I would definitely recommend visiting Columbia Tower. It was super cool to see how the city was laid out from above. I think I would still like to go up in the Space Needle when I visit Seattle again because is pretty iconic.


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