Elliott Bay Waterfront

So…I still have a couple more posts about Seattle that I want to share on the blog. I am sorry if I am boring everyone about my trip with an overload of posts. Today I wanted to share some pictures of the waterfront at Elliott Bay. We ended up spending a short amount of time walking along the waterfront while giving ourselves a tour of the city. Since the weather was so great, it made the waterfront look extra beautiful that day I snapped these pictures.










The ferris wheel reminded me ofΒ the London Eye on the River Thames, even though the Eye is much larger. We didn’t have a chance to go on the ferris wheel in Seattle, but it’ll definitely be something I do the next time. The last day when it rained in the evening made the city feel a little sad. But then again, it probably is the best to see a city for what it normally looks like and for Seattle that is kinda rainy. The large amounts of rain would probably bother me if I lived in Seattle because rain does have a way of making me feel down.Β I am really grateful that we got to see Seattle under beautiful weather.

On another note, if you are curious where that little monkey came from (which is a necklace that I’ve featured before on this blog), it is from Yellow Tree Store!

I hope everyone has a great day!


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