Pike Place Market

Happy Tuesday! Of course we visited Pike Place Market when we were adventuring in Seattle. We actually visited several times…like once a day and it was actually our first & last stop as well. The energy of the market is crazy! There are so many people in the market at all times, which is a overwhelming at times. But I definitely see why it’s a hot-spot of the area.









My favorite place at the market was hands-down Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. I LOVE cheese, so this place was like a spot of food heaven. I got the mac & cheese when we got dinner at Pike’s. I was pretty hangry before the meal because it had been a long day and a long time without food, so the meal hit the spot just right. If you visit, you can even see them make the cheese through the window! Pike’s is also on the water, so you can get your food to go and have lunch with an amazing view. The last photo was of the park we ate our dinner at, which was quite the place itself. The people and activities people were taking part in were so diverse! I would highly recommend visiting Pike’s if you are ever in Seattle.


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