House that Inspired “Up” in Seattle

Did you know  the house that inspired the Pixar movie “Up” is in Seattle? I was not aware of this until we were in Seattle and one of my friends said it was. I was eager to visit it since “Up” is one of my favorite movies. After the conference one morning we decided that we were going to visit the home.

The story behind the house goes something like this: A commercial development was being built in the neighborhood and Edith Macefield turned down one million dollars to keep her home. This caused most people to think of her as a local hero and she continued to live in the house until she was 86. The house is still standing and when we visited it had a “for sale” sign posted (as you can see in the pictures). While at the house someone told us that the house had been bought the day before. [Here is a recent story about the home from the NY Times]






That last photo is the balloon I added. I wrote “live a like of love” on one side and “Columbus, OH” on the other. There is a container of balloons with pens for people to leave notes and places where they call home. I expected the house to be colorful like the one in the movie, so it was a little disappointing. The neighborhood the house was in was very strange. It seemed like an old industrial area on water that was turning into a large development – that was out of place. It definitely would be interesting to see the house before the development started. I hope the house can be preserved by the new owners in some way to honor Edith’s memory.

Always remember, adventure is out there 🙂


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