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Seattle’s Public Art

HELLO EVERYONE! I apologize for my small blogging hiatus. Since my last post, I have traveled to Seattle and then had to play catch-up with school-work and life in general. I took a BUNCH of pictures while in Seattle and will be sharing them on the blog for the next week or so. I went to Seattle for the American Planning Association’s National Conference. The major reason for attending the conference was my friends and I were finalists in a contest for designing a planning related mobile application, so we had to present at the conference. We actually ended up winning the contest, which is beyond exciting for me and my team! I’m really excited to see where it goes in the future. To read about the app, click here.

Now to today’s post! I am still deciding how I am going to break up all the pictures that I took in Seattle for my blog, but I thought a good start would be sharing some pictures of the public art we saw!







Β seattleart7





One thing I loved about Seattle was the creative and interesting public art displays! Everyone might not consider all of these things public art, but I have a wider consideration for what qualifies as public art as a planner. For example, the gum wall seen in the second photo – this is an iconic, creative representation of Seattle – even though it isΒ kind of disgusting. The third image of the art store sign is another thing most might not consider art, but the “loud” business signs where everywhere and it made the city unique because you don’t see signs like that everywhere. Some people do not consider graffiti art, but I do and I find it pretty cool. I don’t really like tagging (which Seattle had a lot of), which is where you just see initials of a group, but actual art pieces are pretty sweet – like the fifth picture. The third to last one are feet that illustrate a dance. One of the streets close to where we stayed in Capitol Hill, Broadway, had several of these along the sidewalks and each caught our eyes when we walked. Β The last two are also pretty sweet. They turned average light posts into something really cool! There were several of these guys on staircase to Pike’s Market.

I had a great trip to Seattle and I am looking forward to sharing more pictures! πŸ™‚ Have a great week!


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