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Yay Bikes Ride — Up & Coming Columbus

This past Saturday I went on my first Yay Bikes ride with the city planning club at school. The ride was lead by a couple planning students and a total of 80 people were on the ride! We traveled all over Columbus and visited up & coming areas. We started in Upper Arlington, then headed to Grandview Heights, Downtown Columbus, Franklinton, Old Towne East, and ended at Ohio State. We made stops at the Columbus Idea Foundry in Franklinton and the Central Community House in Old Towne East. I stopped at Ohio State to meet a friend and that was near the end of our journey.











We had such great weather for biking! I actually ended up getting a little sun-burnt on my hands and arms. I probably biked about 17 miles, which is the most that I have ever done! It felt good to bike that much. I was definitely sore after and a little the next day, but it was so worth it. I struggled a little bit with my old Schwinn because of the weight and make of the bike, so I might have to get another bike if I continue to do more longer rides. I hope that I can get involved in more rides because it was truly great to bike in a large group and meet some new people.


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