#SoCollege: Pre-College

I apologize for my somewhat static presence lately on the blog! Everything with the end of the semester is picking up and leaving me pretty busy between preparing for the conference, schoolwork, internships, work, etc. I’ve been recently trying to think of more content to add to thisΒ blog. Something I had originally wanted to write about in this blog was my college experiences, since I have not had the “traditional” experience. Today I want to share with everyone my pre-college thoughts with the start of a new series called “#SoCollege”.

At the end of my high school career I had a hard time deciding where to go to school and what I actually wanted to do with the rest of my life. I visited fourΒ schools the summer before my senior year – Xavier University, University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, and Denison University. Then, I applied to four schools – Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, and Columbus State Community College. I was accepted to OU and UC right away. Going into my senior year I felt like I was being pulled to UC, but my parents did not really like the idea of me going there because my mom grew up in Cincinnati and didn’t feel like it was a safe area.


I actually never saw myself attending Ohio State, but applied because I was still pretty unsure about everything. After waiting to hear back months after I applied (while my other friends received their acceptance letters), I received a letter that I was deferred from Ohio State. They wanted me to attend a branch campus or other school, then try again. I was pretty upset. I had a 3.9 GPA, took 4 AP classes (& 2 AP exams), ran cross country and track, sang with the varsity choir for 3 years, sang in 4 musicals, a stage manager in 1 play, while participating in various clubs and activities, and holding a part time job starting my junior year. I am not the best standard test taker (& definitely wont be sharing my scores on here because I’ve only told 1 person!), so I am assuming that’s where I was faulted. After I was rejected by the school I saw myself most likely to attend, I had to rethink some things.

Shortly after I was deferred I applied to Columbus State and planned to do a year at the community college and then apply again to transfer my sophomore year (which is what happened). I felt ashamed that I was rejected by a school most of my classmates got in. I was embarrassed to have Columbus State listed on my future plans.


After the drama of deciding where to actually go, I had to consider what to major in. Basically deciding what I wanted to do for the rest of my life as a seventeen year old (isn’t that kind of crazy how we do this?). I considered teaching because both of my parents were teachers and I have always enjoyed interacting with kids. I toyed around with being a missionary because I wanted to make a difference and my faith was a huge part of the ladder years of my high school experience. I had accepted a job offer with an office for once I graduated that dealt with scienc-y things, so I even considered that. I didn’t hear about urban planning until I had lunch with an old Young Life leader of mine. I loved everything she said about it and kept it on the back-burner. I decided to focus on getting my general-education courses done while at Columbus State.

The summer after my senior year I worked full time at my new job while working part-time at the salon. It was insane. I worked on average fifty hours a week and it was exhausting. I moved out of my parents two months after I graduated, which added more chaos and responsibility. It was crazy how fast everything was changing.


I also feel like I should mention my relationship with Chase because that definitely had an impact on post-high school life decisions. We started dating the beginning of my senior year – he actually asked me out the first Friday of my senior year after seeing Jersey Boys the musical. I do want to keep our relationship details on the down-low for the most part, but we fell for each other kind of fast. While I had to consider a bunch of academic, financial, career related things for my college decision, it was also important for me to include him. Chase is a year behind me in school and it was a large decision to decide where our relationship would go within the year after it just beginning.

I hope this is a good addition to my blog! Next time, I plan on blogging about my first year of college at Columbus State. Thank you for letting me share my pre-college experience and I hope I can be relate-able to some who went through similar circumstances and helpful to others!

*pictures taken from my college visits – Denison, University of Cincinnati, & Xavier.


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