Monthly Recap

March 2015 Recap

Happy April! I have been looking forward to April because it is usually when it starts feeling like spring and the semester comes to close. I’m also extra looking forward to this particular April because I am traveling to Seattle later in the month!

Favorite blog posts: My favorite outfit post from March was What I Wore — Splash of Red. I like how colorful this outfit is and the adventure that I had while wearing it in Yellow Springs. My other favorite post from March was Not Your Average Planner. It felt really good to write that post. Honestly, it helped me feel less overwhelmed from my “quarter-life crisis” because I got it all down and I’m definitely on my way to figuring things out. Starting to ride my bike is another thing I am loving, so another favorite post would be My First Ride of the Year.

red1 bike1

Favorite Instagram Posts:

veggiesΒ kittens

Currently obsessed with: Kacey Musgraves’ CD – “Same Trailer Different Park”, blogs! (hopefully that is not surprising since I am a blogger, I get so inspired jumping around the internet finding great blogs)

Exciting things happening in April: SEATTLE, end of the semester madness

I hope everyone has a great April Fools’ Day!


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