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Chip-In App

Today I want to share with everyone a project I have been working on with four of my friends. We applied for a contest that the American Planning Association was hosting that asked students to submit a proposal for a planning-related mobile app. Well, it turns out we were asked to do the same thing in a workshop a week before and my team was so excited about our idea that started working on the application.We found out over Spring Break that we are finalists and get to present our idea at American Planning Association’s National Conference in Seattle, Washington. Boy, am I excited to venture to this new, Pacific Northwest city!


I recently wrote an article for Planetizen, an urban planning online magazine, about the process of creating the app with the help of my awesome teammates/friends and a professor at Ohio State. Do us a favor and take a look at the article! The article will give you an insight of how we developed the app and what it actually does. We are really excited about this project and want as much feedback as possible before we present our pitch to the APA at the conference. Feel free to comment on this blog post or on the Planetizen page. We also have a Facebook page that you can like!


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