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“The Vintage Urbanite”

Have you ever wondered what “The Vintage Urbanite” means? Well, I am here to answer that today! I actually meant to write this post a while back when I changed my domain name, but life got in the way and it never was written.


For those of you that have followed me for a while, from when I started this blog last May to about four & half months ago, my blog name was “Adventures of the Crafty Critter”. I made the change to “The Vintage Urbanite” because I felt like my old name did not describe what I was blogging about the majority of the time. When I had the idea to start a blog I thought I would mainly be blogging about crafts and adventures, plus some other odds things. I ended up not posting about crafts as much as I thought I would, which made me not really like my name.ย I had wanted toย change my blog name long before I made the official switch. I wanted something more professional sounding and more me.


When I came up withย “The Vintage Urbanite” I liked how it considered multiple things. When I think of “vintage”, I think about vintage style in terms of clothing and decor, but also the “reused mindset”. What is a reused mindset? I think about how vintage things are usually brought back into style; so they are worn and used again, which makes them a sustainable through the way we reuse goods. I’m a big believer in sustainability, hence, my recycling sign tattoo. When I think of “urbanite”, I think about a lover of cities, which I am. I love cities because of my love for adventure and exploration, but also my passion for urban planning. I want to plan and work in urban places and see how they influence our society.

I hope that solves the mystery of my blog name! ๐Ÿ™‚


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