What I Wore — Splash of Red

I’m on spring break this week! I’m mostly just working and trying to catch up on things. Yesterday I had an adventure to Yellow Springs with two of my friends, Jarian & Sarah. We walked around downtown , had some lunch at Winds Cafe, and took a hike in the woods. I took a lot of pictures of our hike in the woods to the falls of Yellow Springs and I will have a post about that tomorrow. Today I am going to share that outfit pictures that I had my friends take while in the woods!


red3 red4

  red8 red2

 red9 red6


Whenever I wear these red tights they seem so bright! They really bring out the red in my shirt with this outfit. The shirt is a hand-me-down from my high school Spanish teacher (her daughter was about the same size as me, so I got all of her unwanted clothes!). It is originally from Forever 21 and is one of my favorite tops. The dark blue corduroy skirt is one of the things I got at the Second Chance sale for $2! It is originally from Banana Republic. The black cardigan, red rights, black boots are from Target; if you haven’t noticed the trend – almost all my tights are from Target and I have been living in these boots!

I’m excited to share the other photos from my adventure tomorrow, so stay tuned! Have a great Thursday 🙂


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