What I Wore — Sparkle & Fluff

It has been a long time since I have done an outfit post! The last one was for Valentine’s Day, which was a month ago this coming weekend – goodness time flies. I had my roommate take these pictures over the weekend so I could get back into doing style posts because they are one of my favorite things on this blog. Even though there is snow on the ground, it was starting to melt at this point and the temperature was in the 40s – yay!


IMG_0147 IMG_0142

IMG_0154 IMG_0157


I LOVE THIS SKIRT. I had been wanting a sparkly & fluffy skirt for sometime.Β Second Chance, my favorite resale shop in my area, was having a huge sale a couple weeks ago and I found this for only $2! I also happened to find two other darling skirts (for $2 & $3 a piece) that will make it on the blog sometime soon, one which is also sparkly. I felt a little weird wearing this because I am a college student wearing a sparkly skirt that is kind of like a tu-tu, but SO WHAT. The skirt makes me happy and it is a fun addition to my wardrobe. I’m also trying to be more adventurous in my outfits. Below is a close up of the skirt.


The glitterΒ black shoes are Toms, the top and tights are fromΒ Target, and the necklace is from World Market. I hope everyone has a sparkly day πŸ™‚


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