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My First Ride of the Year

It is finally starting to warm up in Columbus! This week it is supposed to be in the 50s everyday, which brings me so much joy. This past weekend the temperature was starting to climb & I took my bike out for the first ride of 2015! I had to meet a group on campus to work on a class project and Ohio State was hosting a sports tournament this past weekend, so biking was definitely a better option than being frustrated by the lack of student parking spots (big school problems, huh?). As soon as I began riding my bike I was overcome with a great sense of joy. I had missed my Sally Schwinn, who had been resting in the basement since the end of fall. I didn’t snap many pictures of my ride, but I liked the ones I did take.

Β bike1



I’m so excited to start biking again. It gives me so much freedom and makes getting from one place to another more of an adventure than a laborious thing like driving tends to feel like. Chase and I have already started talking about the places we plan to bike this summer, like concerts! I’m planning to bike to class a couple days this week. As much as I love this Schwinn, something else I am going to start to consider is getting another one. Sally Schwinn is wonderful, but so heavy and not as practical for commuting. I think it would be nice having a second option for when I want to take longer trips, but I am in no wayΒ talking about getting rid of her. I’m excited to have the opportunity to blog about my bike adventures again, even with this short post. To view my other biking related posts, click here. The only downfall of my first ride? My sore butt – haha! My seat is not particularly comfortable, and since I took such a long break from biking I have to get used to it again. But still, I’m happy to be riding again.

I hope everyone has a sunny week! πŸ™‚


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