Pittsburgh Architecture

Are you sick of my Pittsburgh related posts yet? Hopefully not, because today I have more to share with everyone! This post showcases the photographs that I captured of architecture in Downtown Pittsburgh. I noticed some pretty unique buildings while walking around. I really like buildings that have the faded painted signs like the second photo that has “roadway outdoor store” written on the front. I saw several within the downtown area, which makes me feel like they preserve history well, as simple as that seams.

 IMG_9924 IMG_9719



IMG_9747 IMG_9781





The last one is the view from our hotel room Saturday morning. The building to the left is alone in the photo before the last one of our hotel. I really wanted to take a closer look to the second to last building when I saw it from our window Friday night. We ended up walking around the city in a different way to go to dinner and I came across it. It’s an apartment complex called The Pennsylvanian. It used a railroad connection that has been transformed and preserved into what appears to be a beautiful place to live and hold events.

I was pretty impressed by Pittsburgh. I feel like as a planner and an urbanite I have a connection with each city I visit and there is “energy” between me and the city. I definitely had a positive connection with Pittsburgh, but not so strong that it could be a city I call home later in life. I will definitely be back to travel more bridges, get closer to the river, and photograph more of the city I didn’t see on this short trip.

I’m traveling to another city this weekend – Cleveland! So, I should have some stuff to say about that next week on the blog. Until then, have a happy weekend 🙂


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