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Planning Elements in Pittsburgh

So let me first start out by saying that I feel pretty nerdy for this post. Although, I’m not ashamed of my urban planning nerdiness because I love what I am studying. What I mean by planning elements are things that represent planning out in cities, but more than just buildings and developments. I photograph pictures of transit, public art, bike stuff, and any other unique things I find within cities I explore. I can also use these images later when I compose reports and presentations, so I don’t have to use other people’s photographs and deal with complicatedΒ citations. I also thought this was a good way to separate the plethora of photos that I took, as I stated in yesterday’s post.

First, bike stuff! The first three are clever bike racks that I found around the city. The yellow bridge bike rack was close to our hotel and was definitely my favorite. The fourth and fifth pictures are of a bike storage station! You could store your bike in a storage unit or outside under a protective awning.






Second, public transit! Can I just say I love how colorful Pittsburgh’s buses are? In Columbus we only have a couple designs (as in old, new, and green). I also noticed that the street signs seemed relatively small, like the bus stop sign pictured.

IMG_9894 IMG_9731 IMG_9708

Third, public art! The first photo is a park we walked by several times. The fountain was running, but some of the waster was frozen. I love the eyeballs, what a creative idea! The last one is a picture of a city-scene that I believe is not a permanent installation. If you cannot tell, the building under it is under construction, so I think the art is covering the ugliness of construction. Why don’t we do that more?



I hope to have more posts like this because those of you who are not as familiar with planning, this can make you more aware and it adds to my city planning section of the blog! Have a great Wednesday πŸ™‚


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