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Valentine’s Day Date Night

As everyone knows this past Saturday was Valentine’s Day, Chase & I celebrated it by having a fancy Columbus night! His brother got us a gift card for Christmas to have a Valentine’s Day dinner at Hyde Park in the Short North. We had early-ish reservations for dinner, but that let us walk around downtown (IN THE FREEZING COLD TEMPERATURES) to get dessert. We had enough time to get some Jeni’s ice cream (yeah…we still eat ice cream in below zero temperatures…). Β Both parts of our meal were delicious! After dessert, we made our way to Downtown Columbus. Chase surprised me with tickets to BalletMet’s The Great Gatsby! It had been a while since we had seen a ballet and Chase, being the literature-lover that he is, thought it was a great choice. It was a great ballet and I thought it was a very creative adaptation of the book.








IMG_9580It was a pretty great fourth Valentine’s Day with Chase! Probably our fanciest celebration yet. I likeΒ Valentine’s a little more than most because it also happens to be close to our half-iversarry. If anyone is wondering, the dress happens to be from a vintage shop that no longer exists in my area. I wore it for my senior year homecoming and Chase’s junior year homecoming.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


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