What I Wore — Valentine’s Day

Hey everyone! Sorry about the little break that I took. I should have some more things to blog about this week. I know a lot of blogger spent last week blogging about Valentine’s day festivities, but I am going to write about it this week! Disclaimer: I actually did not wear this outfit on Valentine’s Day, but on the day after on which I celebrated Galentine’s Day with some of my friends from school. It has been crazy cold here in Columbus, so taking outfit pictures is a bit difficult. For example, when these photos were taken it was less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit, plus a wind chill to make it even colder. I’ve said before on here how I really like holidays. I dressed Valentinesy throughout the week and this was the outfit that we were able to capture (also, huge shout out to Chase for almost always taking my photos).


IMG_9609 IMG_9613

IMG_9622 IMG_9585

IMG_9630 IMG_9596

My pink top is an oldie from Forever 21. The skirt was thrifted, but originally from New York & Company. I got it for like $6 – such a steal! The black cardigan & boots are from Target. The black with white heart tights are from Old Navy.


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