What I Wore — Rainbow Skirt

Chase and I took a quick walk at Goodale Park in Victorian Village this Saturday as the sun was going down to take these pictures before we grabbed some dinner. Goodale Park and Schiller Park always have so much energy & so many dogs running about! Since it was nice this weekend, more people were out walking about the park. The lighting was just perfect enough for these pictures.


IMG_9403 IMG_9389

IMG_9413 IMG_9411

Poor dying snowman….


IMG_9433 IMG_9444

This happens to be on of my favorite skirts! I purchased it at a second-hand store in Florida on the first trip Chase and I took to see his mom. It was like $6 and has been worn regular in my wardrobe ever since! My black top with the lace topped sleeves is from Old Navy. Funny story: I walked down wearing this on Sunday as Des, my roommate, was getting ready and she told me she had the exact same shirt and wore it the day before…which I didn’t even notice when I bought it! The leather jacket is from Eddie Bauer, also a favorite. The gold kitty necklace is form another Florida shop called Anchors and Acorns. The green tights & boots are from Target. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits – I love how the lacey sleeves go with the lace at the bottom of the skirts!


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