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Fox in the Snow Cafe

I did not really intend on writing this post, but this little cafe deserves a shout-out! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, Chase and I visited Fox in the Snow Cafe in Italian Village on Sunday. I found out about this place from Instagram because of the pictures that people post with the fox. We were working on homework together and were planning on relocating to a coffee shop to get a change of space, but then decided just to use it as our homework break. Good thing we did that because the cafe has so much energy it would have been rather difficult to do homework! I later found out, via Instagram, that it was their busiest weekend yet! I’m happy that we got to be a part of it, which is why they deserve a mention on my piece of the internet. We each got an iced coffee (because it was actually warm outside!!!), a blueberry scone, and honey biscuit. The treats were absolutely delicious. They were running rather low on treats because of their weekend success, but we still snagged some good ones.


I had to wear my fox ring from Red Giraffe Designs!


fox4 fox2

Now back to the energy in this place: it was incredible! Chase compared it a New York City cafe that the characters of Girls would be found in (have I mentioned we are obsessed with this HBO show?). The inside has some great natural light and it kind of seems like you are in a hipster-warehouse with the garage doors. I didn’t take a bunch of pictures because there were so many people and I did not intend on blogging about this. Italian Village itself is definitely on the turn-around. More little spots like this are popping up in the area, which could lead to some gentrification if you ask me. I always love visiting new places in neighborhoods of my city that I am less familiar with. I’ll definitely be back to this little spot!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


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