What I Wore — Blue & Plaid

These pictures were taken as the snow storm was hitting Ohio on Sunday! It was half snowing-half raining while Chase snapped these pictures of me – that’s why I have some white flakes in my hair. Sometimes I think I should just wait to take outfit photos for when the weather conditions are perfect, but I since it’s winter we never really know what to expect here. The colorful wall was on Chase’sΒ college campus. I had been wanting to take pictures with it since I first saw it, so I’m happy to have done that and we’ll probably visit again.


IMG_9255 IMG_9245

IMG_9248 IMG_9256 IMG_9259

Even though one of the pictures above is in this pic-stitch I made, I still like it! Chase sometimes takes more pictures than I realize, but I liked the sequence of these! It’s basically a statement about how much I love my necklace & monkeys πŸ™‚


I am in love with this dress! I purchased it at Old NavyΒ for $10 with a gift card from my aunt. I saw it as I was browsing with Chase and I told him I liked it, plus I was looking for more dresses with sleeves for my collection – he didn’t consider them “sleeves” though because they are pretty dainty. The blue tights & black boots are from Target. The little monkey, which I basically wear everyday because it is my favorite, is from Yellow Tree Store.


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