What I Wore — Pink & Orange

Just because it is winter in Ohio does not mean I stop wearing bright colors & flowery clothing! I do not really have “seasonal wardrobes” because I like all my clothes, so they should be worn all seasons and I can layer up when it’s colder out. This outfit is an example of that because in the summer I would go without the cardigan, fleece lined tights, & combat boots.


IMG_9125 IMG_9126

IMG_9159 IMG_9132

IMG_9160 IMG_9152

All my clothes in this outfit are actually from the same place – Target! The high-low skirt I got from a second hand store, but it is originally from Target. My sugar skull necklace was purchased on Etsy from Rachel O’s Fabulous WhimsyΒ – I have purchased multiple things from this shop & they are always great! The teal flower earrings were purchased at the Grandview Art Hop over the summer (forgot to snag their business card…).

How do you feel about seasonal wardrobes?


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