Silver Seashells

Over my Florida vacation, I did a little crafting! Chase’s mom showed us some gifts she made by spray painting seashells she found on the beach & I wanted to make some of my own. We always look for cool seashells when we visit, so this time we just looked for more specific ones. We tried to look for shells with holes in them to create ornaments or necklaces. After I spray painted them, I added string so they can be hung as ornaments. Next I added charms with a hot glue gun & wrote on some of them with permanent markers. It was a pretty easy & fun craft to do while at the beach! There’s a couple more shells I want to paint different colors that I’ll get around to doing soon.





10893828_10205725260116958_857035618_nΒ 10913685_10205725260836976_919134648_n

What have you done with your vacation seashells?


2 thoughts on “Silver Seashells

  1. I have stacks of shells in my garage…I live only an hour away from the Atlantic coast. I have never thought of using little trinkets with the shells. I love the look. Thanks for posting the idea.

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