Home Sweet Home

My Seafoam Green Bedroom

I had some time after work on Saturday that I used to clean my room! After cleaning my room I thought it would be a good idea to photograph for my “Home Sweet Home” category because it looked so pretty and the sun was out, which let in a lot of light good for pictures. It’s weird because I have lived at my house for just over 2.5 years now and my bedroom still doesn’t feel like “mine”. Don’t get me wrong, I love this space & I like how it has come together, I just don’t spend a lot of time in just my room. Most of the time I can be found in my dining room (where I am currently writing this) or my living room (here is my post about that room – it has changed a lot since I got a roommate though).

bed (1)

bed (11)

bed (8)

bed (12)

Below is a close-up of my comforter, which was made by my “aunt”. Check out the cute little kittyΒ in purple stitching πŸ™‚

bed (3)

bed (10)Β bed (7)

bed (6)

bed (9)

bed (13)

bed (5)

bed (4)

The vanity, bed frame, bench (which I reupholstered myself!), dresser, & bookshelf belonged to my grandparents and my dad made the two stands beside my bed. Here’s some things featured that I crafted: the “chandelier” in the corner above my vanity from an old lampshade (here is the Instagram picture of it); the wall art above my bed from a yard stick, string, bottlecaps, & scrapbook paper; both of the the black & white posters (one was out of pictures I developed in my photo class & the other was made with a variety of images); the window curtains that were originally shower curtains from World Market; and the ceiling art with string & silver ornaments. Β I’m also totally not ashamed that I’m twenty-years-old and I still sleep with four stuffed animals (Puppez the dog, Grumps the Grumpy Cat, Moomoo the Marmoset, & Beluga the Bear – if you were curious of their names) – judge me if you must, but most of my friends still sleep with stuffed animals too. Of course Picka & Polka had to photo-bomb a couple pictures, but I don’t really care because it’s technically their room too.

{I can answer other questions of where certain things are from if you comment, I just want to be all tedious about it on this post.}


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