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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | Asheville, NC

It’s my first Traveling Toms post of the year! Today I am going to share more pictures of Downtown Asheville, North Carolina. I took the Traveling Toms photo when I first visited the city a couple summers ago, but did not take a lot of pictures overall. Since I recently stayed two nights in Asheville I took a lot more pictures & finally have enough to do a TTT post about it! Here is the first post I did about the Downtown.

The Traveling Toms Photo was taken in Pack Square Park






Buildings like this always intrigue me



The ART (Asheville Redefines Transit) station!


A permanent place to play checkers!


I love the architecture on this building! The bench I am sitting on is dedicated to Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, who happens to be the first woman awarded with a medical degree in the U.S. according to the plaque in the front of it.

10893591_10205760116308341_408763684_n 10904937_10205760122988508_169705383_n

I already stated how much I love Asheville in this post about the Blue Ridge Parkway, so I don’t want to bore by readers about it again, but I really do love this little mountain-side city. 🙂

Also, what a game last night! It’s a wonderful day to be a Buckeye at THE Ohio State University! It’s also my first day back of the semester, which makes me pretty excited by itself!


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