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2015 Resolutions


Even though we are twelve days into 2015, I still wanted to share my resolutions with everyone! I wanted some time to ponder them, which is part of the reason it has taken me this long to write up this post. I decided to make five main resolutions with two extras!

1 – Experiment more with fashion. I decided this was important because part of the way into 2014, I realized I definitely have an interest in fashion & creating my own personal style. Since I decided to not wear pants by only wearing dresses & skirts with the occasional leggings in the mix it has definitely let me experiment more. I am going to try to build a better wardrobe this year, too.

2 – Be more confident in my voice: public speaking & singing. As an urban planning student we have to be pretty good at public speaking because we deal with the public. I feel like I am okay at it now, but there is definitely room for improvement. In regards to the singing aspect, I used to sing a lot in high school – I was in our “varsity” choir & did four musicals, plus a couple solo performances. I stopped singing publicly when I started college because I did not have a place to do it & I have never felt 100% confident about my voice. So I guess another addition to this resolution is to sing somewhere in public (like an open- mic night) by myself because I have always wanted to do that & it’s time I do it!

3 – Network a lot. Networking is so crucial in today’s job world & especially within planning. I have made some great connections thus far, and I would like to make more meaningful ones. Networking outside of planning too, like for this blog is another goal. I want to meet some fellow bloggers!

4 – Write & Read often. I write often enough because of this blog & school, but I think I need to dive deeper into writing. I really only read articles online (City Lab is my favorite!) & stuff for school, so I definitely need more “for pleasure” reading. I got a couple books on my shelf that need dusting off!

5 – Try new things. This is really vague. I like vague resolutions though because they seem more “at reach” than specifics. I just want to try new things – foods, places, experiences. These are supposed to be “the years that I find myself”, so I might as well try some new things.

Extras – Cook & Declutter. I have had the goal to cook more since I started living on my own & I still have more to accomplish. Declutter & keeping organizing are also a usual goal. I really need to declutter my closet & some old paperwork.

I hope everyone has had a great year thus far & it continues to grow better!


Also, GO BUCKS! 😉


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