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Snapshots from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Last week I shared some snapshots from the mountains (here is that post) of North Carolina & today I have more to share! We drove through the Blue Ridge Parkway twice as we drove out of Asheville since we stayed in the city on our way to Florida & our way back to Ohio. I took photos both times we drove the parkway, but this set is from our way out of Asheville to Columbus. It was really foggy the night we stayed in Asheville & the next morning, which made the mountains look eerie & really cool at the same time.


10888083_10205763333308764_138733218_n 10893424_10205761048051634_1451615514_n




10901591_10205761053171762_358163119_oThis last photo is from an overpass outside of Asheville – I loved how it turned out


I really like Asheville. Actually, probably love it. As a city planner, I seem to have certain bonds with cities & Asheville is a stronger connection than others. I can definitely see myself in Asheville because it has the best of both worlds in my opinion. There is an awesome downtown with some great city life & an up-and-coming arts district (formally an industrial zone), but then the nature that exists within the mountains & river are wonderful as well. I’m currently looking at graduate schools in the Carolinas, so we’ll see how that works out for my future. I will also have more posts about Asheville to come! Since we ended up visiting a second time it gave me more material to work with for my blog – woohoo!

Have a wonderful weekend! It’s my last weekend of break since I start classes again on Tuesday – Go Buckeyes!


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