Defining Life Project

Defining Life Project: Definitions #61-65

Without any kind of depth or purpose life is meaningless, but if love and hope exist it is beautiful.   AJJ

Life is amazing, wonderful, and indescribable- no words to describe it.  KMR

Life is the practice round until we get to Heaven.  MER

Life is a place you go and glorify God and you live with the people that glorify God.  RMU

Life is spending time with friends and family.  JLB


It has been almost two months since my last Defining Life Project post, so it is definitely time for a new one! I’ll try to start posting these on a regular basis like I did when I unveiled the project on this blog. My favorites out of this batch are the first and last definitions. I definitely believe that life is more meaningful with depth & purpose. I feel like I have definitely found more purpose in my life, especially with the aspects of my career, and I am still craving more depth within my life. I mostly mean in regards to my friendships – I like when people are open & honest with each other because it just brings deeper & more meaningful relationships – hopefully 2015 will bring more of those. I like the last one even though it is very simple because it’s important to make time for friends & family. Last week I was on vacation with Chase & we got to spent time with members of his family (& spend time with my family the week before) and it is a blessing to have wonderful families & friends.

Since it has been a while since my last post & I thought it would be worth mentioning – it would be great to receive more definitions of life! If you want to send me yours via email that would be great, just remember to include your initials because it creates a small personal side to all of them. My email is listed in the Welcome page.

{To find out more about this project, click “Defining Life Project” at the top of my page or the Introduction}


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