Handmade Ohio Presents

It has been a long time since I have published a DIY/crafty post, but here’s one of my recent crafts that I finally share with y’all! I painted these three wooden Ohio’s for Christmas presents for a few of my friends & since they have their gifts now I can publicly show them. My dad was the one who cut out the Ohio shapeΒ from an outline I found & I painted the three of them. They are a little smaller than an average hand print. I painted two Columbus/Buckeye themed & the other was for my friend that goes to Bowling Green State University. It was a pretty easy gift to make since all I had to do was paint them & my dad said the wood cutting wasn’t too hard either.






Handmade presents are so much fun! I have been making some other crafts over winter break that I will continue to share in the next couple weeks!

Did you craft any gifts this year?


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