What I Wore — Flowers at the Beach

Since this is my last day at the beach, I figured I would publish an outfit worn on the beach! This is the dress I purchased while in London this past spring break at Primark. It is probably one of my favorites because it is so colorful & has sleeves! I appreciate dresses with sleeves more now because it makes my wardrobe more versatile for the seasons.


10893380_10205691459511964_1857508749_n[1]Β  10893738_10205691459991976_1507842651_n[1]

10888159_10205691452351785_1734445261_n[2]Β 10888168_10205691457311909_1112753438_n[1]

10884507_10205691455511864_908131202_n[1]Β  10833574_10205691450191731_1722788619_n[1]


The blue infinity scarf was a Christmas gift from a friend. I am also wearing my monkey necklace from Yellow Tree Store (which was also written about in this post). It is a little sad that our vacation is coming to an end, but it has been wonderful to enjoy the warmth & sunshine with the good company.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend! πŸ™‚


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