Exploring Downtown Asheville

Happy 2015! As I mentioned in my last post, Chase & I spent the night in Asheville, North Carolina before driving to Florida for our vacation. Our first stop in downtown was Tupelo Honey Café, which I have definitely mentioned in my blog posts before. I had some delightful sweet potato pancakes and Chase had fried chicken with biscuits & gravy. After our dinner we walked around the town and in & out of some shops.



We had never visited the Grove Arcade & only walked through it quickly, but the lights made it look magical


The view from the parking garage




The books store we spent some time in – Malaprop’s Book Store


Some awesome street art


This place had a rocking wall on the outside & the inside!


Pictures with the mural & the flat iron (which is honor of this building)

IMG_8556 IMG_8538

The only thing I bought while in Asheville was a compass ring at L.O.F.T (Lost Objects, Found Treasures). It is such a cool store with lots of goodies! I really like Asheville. It’s still the city I picture myself in post-graduation. I love the look & feel of the downtown, plus the accessibility to nature with the mountains. I have at least one more post from this mini-trip in mind for this blog.

I hope everyone has a great start to the new year!


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