What I Wore — Colorful as a Parrot

As mentioned in my last post, I have a second outfit post for everyone this week! It was actually pretty nice this past Sunday (besides how windy it was) so it was a great day for a colorful outfit! These pictures were taken at a park in Grandview Heights that was recently remodeled called Wyman Woods. Chase and I thought to check it out since it was a nice day and we had not seen the renovations done up close. The park is really nice! The playground is so awesome. I was reminiscing about my days at the old park, like the time I got sap in my hair during my joint birthday party with my friend, Lisa. I am standing in front of  said tree in some of the pictures and you can see some nasty sap.


IMG_7979 IMG_7981

IMG_7974 IMG_7976

IMG_7986 IMG_7999


Close up of the parrot earrings because  kept blowing my hair in front of themunnamed

This dress has always been one of my favorites. One of my friends from high school gave it to me (too colorful for her taste) and it’s from Forever 21. I need to start shopping at Forever 21 again! I keep seeing cute outfits from other bloggers from there and it’s making me want to go again. The closest one at a shopping mall about twenty-five minutes from Columbus and I just never really have time to make it out there. The tights are from Target, as most of mine are. They really have a great selection of tights at Target, that are usually on sale. The boots are from Macy’s. The earrings belonged to my mom. We went through her earring collection on Thanksgiving and I left with a boatload of earrings! I really like the ones that are chunky like this kind, so they’ll probably pop up again in the future. Someone also offered to take a picture of Chase and I! In exchange for our picture, I took their Christmas card photos. It was a cute interaction and I think their pictures turned out great!


Happy weekend everyone!


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