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Franklinton/Downtown Columbus Snapshots

I am finished with group work for school…hallelujah! Now I just have one more final project & two exams to tackle within the next couple weeks. For two of my three group projects, we actually presented on a neighborhood of Columbus I have written about before on here, Franklinton (the new home of Independents’ Day). Franklinton is an area that is becoming an artsy district for Columbus through 400 West Rich & the Columbus Idea Foundry, plus some bars & breweries (you can check out my other posts on Franklinton by clicking here or searching “Franklinton” on my site). The area is still in need of assistance because of blighted areas, but I think it will be fascinating to watch it grow. So since I have been researching for these projects, I have also visited the site a number of times. One of my groups explored the area this past weekend to discuss ideas & take photos. We got some pretty cool views of Downtown Columbus & Franklinton, so I thought I would share some pictures!







Β Β IMG_8025


My favorite photo is probably the last one. If you can’t tell, I love skyline pictures, especially my Columbus.Β We decided to take some group pictures as well for our presentation and I thought this one below was pretty cool of us on train tracks. It’s funny because after we took this some of them yelled “A train is coming!” I totally thought it was a joke because we had just been kidding around about that…but, no, real train that was coming. Don’t worry, we got away in plenty of time! We also did a pretty stellar job on our presentation. Sometimes it can be difficult working with your close friends on projects because you just want to socialize and not do school work, so things tend to get frustrating at times. Although, I am really thankful for my planning friends & adventures like this one. I hope we have more to come in the future!



Just a girl who loves her city & her friends! πŸ™‚

More photos of those bright colored tights later this week!


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