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Eric Church at The Ford Center

This week has been crazy for me! I had three projects due yesterday, which has caused some stress. The end of the year is usually pretty crazy for us college students, so my blogging might be more off and on than normal. As an urban planning student,  I have multiple group projects due at the end of the semester. Group projects are great in some ways because I enjoy spending time with my friends, but also a pain in the ass. Anyways, enough about school…this past weekend Chase and I drove to Evansville, Indiana to see Eric Church for Chase’s birthday! The drive to Evansville was about 5 hours from Columbus. We had a minor hiccup as we were driving to Evansville – my car got a flat. I have gotten two flats before, but this one was different – my tire actually had a pretty decent size hole(if you’re interested in seeing the hole, check out my Instragram post). The whole experience was kind of scary, but we handled it pretty well. Chase put my spare on as I called the nearest tire place. We wanted to arrive to Evansville early to explore before the concert, but that did not really happen, even though we made it in perfect time for the concert. The concert was at The Ford Center with Dwight Yoakam opening the show (who is a Columbus native!). The show was also supposed to include Halestorm, but they didn’t do their own set. Izzy Hale, Halestorm’s lead singer, did sing with Eric Church during “That’s Damn Rock and Roll”.  I was hoping they would sing together after seeing this video of them performing together!






Eric Church has a song called “Princess of Darkness” that starts with a prelude of “Devil, Devil”. During that set, there was a huge blow up devil that came from ground floor! As creepy as it was, it was a pretty cool thing to do for a show.


We had a great time at the concert! We had planned to spend the next day exploring Evansville, but it ended up being a pretty dreary day. It was raining ALL DAY. It was lightly raining when we got breakfast in Newburgh and poured our whole car ride back to Columbus.  It sucks when rain dictates your plans, but it was still a good adventure and Chase had a good weekend of celebration.

Hopefully everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey 🙂


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