What I Wore — Shades of Brown

It is cold here in Columbus, Ohio! It will surely be an adventure with my “no-pants” goal (only wearing dresses & skirts) because of The Polar Vortex.  It was actually snowing when we took these pictures…yeah snow in November! We actually had our first snow this past Thursday and our first real big snow on Monday! For those of you not so familiar with Central Ohio weather, it’s not usually snowing this early in the season. I was pretty chilly when we shot these pictures in Delaware, Ohio. Some of the water was actually frozen because it was so cold! That’s a frozen leaf in the fourth picture.

 10804986_10205366378905152_995287118_n 10807059_10205366366744848_144271970_n

10815626_10205366348104382_2126926446_n 10808348_10205366361864726_1211249727_n

10805440_10205358665632325_592095427_n 10815869_10205366347584369_347647007_n


Now about the outfit! The dress was purchased when I went to Chicago this past January from Burlington Coat Factory. I do not normally shop there because I am not a huge fan of department stores, but I thought this dress was pretty cute! It has a cut in the back that reveals a piece of my lower back, which I was not a fan of, but I am coming around to it.  My tights are from Target, the boots are from Macy’s, the grey scarf was purchased in London from Primark, and my black coat is from Old Navy.


10799620_10205358925078811_248896756_n 10720990_10205358924518797_1738183277_n

When we were taking pictures Chase decided to climb on top of the rock and I decided to snap some pictures of him as well! Our outfits were pretty matchy – too bad we didn’t get a picture together!

What do you think of our outfits?


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