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Traveling Toms Tuesdays — November 18th, 2014

It has been a while since my last Traveling Toms post! Today’s post is another one from my spring break trip to London. I have done several other posts about this trip to England for Traveling Toms, like when we visited Greenwich, Windsor, and Stonehenge/Stourhead/Salisbury. This Tuesday, I am sharing some photos from when we visited Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square is a large public space in the heart of London. As a planning student, public spaces are one of my favorite places to visit, so I really enjoyed this site.

We visited Trafalgar Square on our first day in London, which was an absolutely beautiful day! I took the Traveling Toms photo one evening when we walked by the site.


The first two photos are of The National Gallery. We had tea & sweets there later in the week.  The third photo shows one of the many street performers in the square. I am still completely amazed (& confused) on how this possible!


1525318_10203505345700485_724341968_n  1458448_10203505346060494_1142310502_n

The photo of the maps in chalk was a pretty cool sight. People put pennies on the area that they were from or drew in their flag if it was missing. One thing I really enjoyed about London was how cultural it was, and not just British culture. As we would walk around the city we would hear so many different languages and dialects, which was an amazing experience.

 1900119_10203505356020743_1502740870_n  1966774_10203505369341076_335995513_n

Since I was on an architecture themed trip, check out the curved building! London has a ton of these.

1536709_10203505356500755_288277689_n 1979563_10203505356260749_1963981791_n

1383125_10203505348140546_1111326154_n 1187191_10203505345460479_1890547565_n

This is the Fourth Plinth. There are fourth other plinths in Trafalgar Square that showcase statues. The fourth one changes from time to time based on the winner of the commission.


This is Admiralty Arch, which is at the corner of the square. I had seen photos of this arch before we went on the trip, but I was unsure where it was in London, so I was pretty excited to find it!


My time in London was truly an amazing experience with some great people. I am so ready to go abroad again to see more of this beautiful world!

Where have you traveled to? And where should I go next?!


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