Adventure · Columbus

Fall in German Village

As I said in my last post, Chase & I explored German Village this past Sunday. My first post on this blog was actually about German Village, so if you want to see some more pictures check out this post. It was a beautiful fall day, so I took a lot of pictures! Fall in German Village is surely something special that everyone should experience. German Village will always have a special place in my heart and it will surely be missed when I eventually fly the nest away from Columbus. We started our day in German Village with lunch at The Brown Bag Deli. It has become one of Chase’s favorite places to go to for lunch and it such a cute little place to eat at. He got the Sunday special and I had some chicken salad, while we shared a slice of chocolate chip cheesecake that was absolutely delicious. After lunch, we went to The Book Loft and bought ourselves some new books! The little guy in the fourth picture was found outside The Book Loft. I had found the artist that created him on Instagram an couple weeks ago and was determined to see a couple of his creations in real life! We ended our adventure in German Village with a trip to Schiller Park. We stopped and watched some dogs played together in the park, which was so cute. I always love seeing all the dogs in German Village.


IMG_7560 IMG_7556


Β IMG_7558Β IMG_7590




German Village might be my favorite place to visit in the fall. Where is your favorite fall place?


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