Happy Halloween!

Yes, I know Halloween was last Friday! I never wished my readers a “Happy Halloween”, so here is my Halloween post! Chase and I dressed as Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole from Parks and Recreation. For those of you that have never watched Parks and Rec, you should start immediately! Seriously, it’s on Netflix. I started watching it because my city planning friends kept telling me that the show is perfect for planners because it is basically an example of what planners that work in city government deal with daily. Burt Macklin is who Andy dresses as and Janet Snakehole is who April dresses as (here is a summary of the episode the featured episode). Here is a clip to show you the characters on Parks and Rec if interested:

Here’s our costumes! I wanted to take pictures before the party, but it sadly rained all Halloween. I am happy with these though!





It was a pretty successful Halloween! It’s weird because this is mine and Chase’s third Halloween, but the first time that we actually went to a party and dressed up together. In the past we have just watched Rocky Horror  Picture Show.  Hope everyone else had a wonderfully spooky Halloween!


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