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Abandoned Franklinton Building

On Sunday I was working on a project with my friend Eunjee for one of our city planning classes; we have to develop a site that is in Franklinton right on the edge of Downtown Columbus. As we were exploring the site that we have for our project we came across these buildings. We were admiring the art in the first picture when someone popped out of the top window to say hello to us! We yelled up to her & she proceeded to tell us how she got to the top. I have been wanting so badly to urban explore, but am always a little weary when it comes to vacant buildings because you never know what you could find. I felt better that a pair of people was already inside shooting pictures, so we gave it a look. There’s actually three buildings, two that are attached by ramps and one smaller. I am so glad we went in!

IMG_7314 IMG_7321


IMG_7328 IMG_7349



IMG_7356 IMG_7371

IMG_7377 IMG_7337

IMG_7361Β IMG_7362

Perfect day to wear my “Columbus – The City of Awesome” shirt πŸ™‚


It was such a cool thing to do! I really enjoy graffiti & the best was on the top floor (see the “Mom, Fluffy’s Dead” photo with the monsters next to it). There was a lot of broken glass in the building, so be warned if you try to explore it. We noticed that it seemed that several people had been in and out of the building, and some people might have lived there. Some of the floors are unstable, which was a bit frightening, but overall I felt pretty safe. I found an article on Columbus Underground from June of 2014 stating that the building is being considered for a mixed-use development. I am really excited to see this neighborhood of Columbus change for the future. I hope that I get to explore more buildings like this as a planner! I consider it field work because it would be really awesome to work at a company where we reused abandoned & vacant buildings. It turned out to be a pretty eventful weekend!


4 thoughts on “Abandoned Franklinton Building

  1. Love your photos! I’m with you and would love to get into some exploration, but tend to be a bit timid when it comes to actually going in places. That’s awesome you did it!

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