Exploring Yellow Springs

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Chase and I went to Yellow Springs, Ohio last Sunday. We had been one other time to Yellow Springs – this past summer for their street fair (which you can read about here). We had wanted to go back to see what the town looked like without all the vendors & people in the streets, plus take our bikes on the trail. It was a beautiful fall day, which made is great for exploring & biking!

We started our day with brunch at Williams’ Eatery. We both went with a different type of scrambled eggs. Our meals were delicious!


Next we strolled around town and went into some shops. I would highly recommend checking out Dirty Fabulous Boutique if you love vintage clothes, Urban Handmade if you enjoy local goodies, & Dark Star Books if you love old books & shop kittiesΒ (see my Instagram post for their shop cat).

IMG_7102 IMG_7100


We saw so many bikes throughout the day & not just on the trail! This is a pretty bike friendly community. They have bike rentals at the ice cream shop if you don’t have your own & a local bike shop.

IMG_7133 IMG_7112

After shopping we went on the bike path, which was so beautiful with the fall scenery!

IMG_7136 IMG_7143


We stopped for some pictures with the country background πŸ™‚


At the end of our ride, what Chase estimated to be six miles, we explored the local college – Antioch College. This is aΒ privateΒ liberal arts college that is definitely a big part of the town’s history. It closed down in for three years between 2008-2011, so we could tell they were still recovering. They strive for “victories in humanity” as stated in their mission statement. Colleges & Universities in the fall always look so pretty, especially small liberal arts schools.

IMG_7183 IMG_7174

Two interesting buildings were sadly vacant. It’s sad that the one on the left is vacant because it sure is pretty

IMG_7166 IMG_7176

We ended it with a trip to Young’s Jersey Dairy for some ice cream. I feel like this is what most people associate Yellow Springs with, but there is so much more if you continue driving down the road and end up in their downtown! Although, the ice cream was delicious. Since it was the weekend, it was absolutely crazy inside. Sometimes I think waiting for Jeni’s was bad or that it’s too crowded, but this was so much more.


It was a pretty great day of exploration! I really enjoy Yellow Springs and communities like it because they have lots of character from all the bikes to the colorful storefronts. If you are an Ohioan (or even if just passing through the state), go take a day trip to Yellow Springs!


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