What I Wore — Grey & Blue

Chase and I adventured to Yellow Springs this past Sunday! I will have at least one other post from our adventure that will be up later this. I decided to start it out with my outfit from the exploration! As you can probably tell, we were all over the place in the cute little town, so he took some outfit photos of me many places. IMG_7191

 IMG_7106 IMG_7132


IMG_7170 IMG_7172

 IMG_7159 IMG_7156

IMG_7190 IMG_7193

Even though I hate to admit it (because I am a summer person), sweater weather has returned to Columbus! Although, this is my favorite sweater – love the elbow pads! It was a hand-me-down from about four years ago. The blue skirt was a fairly recent purchase at Second Chance. I love the shade of blue because it goes with a lot of things & is so vibrant! The grey tights & black boots (basically my new favorite pair of shoes) are from Target. I accessorized with a pair of silver dangle octopus earrings that were purchased at a garage sale, which can be seen the most in the horizontal photo against the graffiti wall. Also, did you notice my hair looks kind of purple? I have been using a spray dye every so often to add the purple & I LOVE it! Last time I got my hair dyed we tried to make it more violet-y, but the red overtook the blue, so it just came out a brown-red. I’d like to keep trying to get closer to a more violet-y shade, but the spray works until then!

It was a super fun Sunday, so I am excited to share the rest of the pictures!


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