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Why City Planning?

Over a month ago I did a post about what exactly city planning is (which you can find here) and I decided that I should follow up with it with why I am interested in planning.

I became aware of the idea of planning from one of my Young Life leaders in high school. She & I had lunch one afternoon and she told me all about majoring in city & regional planning at Ohio State. I thought everything she said sounded so interesting! I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life at that point in my life, so I kept that in the back of my mind. Another inspiration behind me being an aspiring planner is the influence from my boss and her husband. My boss and her husband are constantly talking about community developments when at the salon, so I was/am always interested in the latest project they are discussing. Recently, her husband happened to also present me with an internship with a local planning commission. To also bring it back even earlier in my life, I had always been interested in history during grade school & high school. I took AP (advanced placement) U.S. History & European History during my sophomore & junior years of high school. I never wanted to be a historian, but I always found (what I now know as planning movements) so interesting! So even with the first two more recent events, my life had kind of foreshadowed my future leading to city planning.

966510_10202322095805269_691634328_oThree close friends of mine from the Knowlton School of Architecture & I went to Chicago earlier this year (here is the post I did about the trip)

I am in love with planning. That probably sounds crazy, but it is so damn true. When I started last Fall at Ohio State I really did not know a lot about planning or what I was really even getting myself into. I took three planning classes the first semester – the intro class, an arts & entertainment class, and a history & law class. The arts & entertainment was my favorite (it might still be my favorite by the time I graduate next year) & all of them helped me understand the basics and find what I am interested in within the field. I finished all of  my general education credits this past summer, so I am just taking classes my major now.

I have also made great friends within the planning program. Seriously, most planning students are super friendly & extra passionate. I had a rough first year of college because I did not really make any new friends, so when I started at OSU making friends was a BIG goal of mine. As students, we constantly work in groups because most of our classes require at least one group project. Working in groups has definitely helped me make friends. One of my closer friends from the planning program told me she first befriended me because she thought it was adorable I used cute reusable lunch containers (I might have to do a post about that…). My London buddy, and now roommate, pretty much forced me to be friends with her because she needed someone to help her with our really hard math class and we both had time between classes to work together. I am so thankful to have made the friends that I did my first semester.

10708039_10204906379485454_2069465344_nCity & Regional Planning with two of my friends from the program at Independents’ Day

I put the field of planning into two categories in my first post, policy and design. I lead more to the policy side, but that’s partially because I am just now getting into learning about design principles. I am pretty sure I will be attending graduate school after I finish my undergraduate degree in four semesters. I have looked at a couple schools so far and I would love to go to school in North of South Carolina because that’s where I see myself ending up for my career. I fell in love with Asheville, NC two summers ago when Chase and I visited on our way down to Florida. For my arts & entertainment class I studied the arts life in Asheville extensively and it made me even more passionate about the city & planning. With that said, my top three interests in planning are probably: arts & entertainment planning, sustainability & environmental practices, and a more recent interest – community development. Community development strikes me because I feel like that is a way to really make an impression on an area and to be the change, which is something I knew I wanted to do before I picked my major. I have recently pondered starting my career out doing non-profit work in struggling communities I think it would be a valuable experience at the beginning of my career. Although, I hope to start working at a public planning firm soon after I graduate to gain some experience with clients, then eventually become a city administrator and maybe even a college professor down the road.

This will not be the last post about planning that I publish, so stay tuned to hear more about my love of planning! Last thing, check out this awesome Valentine that I found at http://www.planninglove.org this past February… 🙂



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